Windows: Delete Folder with a trailing Space Character

Recently, I had the problem that a Robocopy script created folder with a space character at the end on the Windows NTFS file system. So for example

"FolderName "

In File Explorer, I could not delete the folder, the error message said "Object does not exist". Also renaming the folder was not possible.

The onyl solution was to go to a CMD box and issue the command

rd /s "\\?\D:\bad\folder\path "

Just answer "y* when you are asked if you really want to delete the folder.

Windows Server: How to Force a Solid Background Color

To avoid the typical picture on the background of your desktop, use the following procedure to force a solid blue color as background: Start the Group Policy Editor: gpedit.msc Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Desktop Open Desktop Wallpaper Enable it and set the Wallpaper Name to: C:\Windows\Web\Screen\img105.jpg Click on OK to save the changes While you could also just right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize and set a Read more [...]

Windows: Shared Printers Cannot be Installed after the September 2021 Windows Update

After the September 2021 Windows Update, non-administrator users will no longer be able to add remote printers without an elevation of privilege to administrator. To allow normal users to add remote printers (hosted on a print server), you can now add the following Registry value on the client: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers\PointAndPrint RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators = 0 (DWORD 32) No restart of the client is needed. If things still do Read more [...]

Windows: Shared Printer Cannot Be Added (Error 740)

When logged in as Administrator in a Windows 10 or 11 machine, when you try to add a shared printer, you get the error: That didn't work. We can't install this printer right now. Try again later or contact your network administrator for help. Error: #740. The underlying problem is this: Error 740 means: "The requested operation requires elevation". This is a problem as you are already logged in as Administrator. So the solution is to start the "Add Printer Wizard" as Administrator. To do this: Read more [...]

Microsoft Exchange 2019: Search Results are Incomplete on Server

With Exchange 2019, Microsoft has introduced a new search engine: BigFunnel. This is the same engine that is used in Bing and in Exchange Online. Unfortunately, sometimes, the search results are incomplete. While this might have different reasons, I am just looking at one prticular case here: Incomplete search results are happening on OWA, i.e. this is an issue on the server, not on Outlook (the client) The number of missing emails from the search results is visible in "BigFunnelNotIndexedCount" Read more [...]

LetsEncrypt: Root Certificate Expires 30-Sep-2021

The LetsEncrypt Root Certificate (DST Root CA X3) will expire on 30-Sep-2021. While there is a new Root Certificate available for a while, some devices and browsers might show an error after that date as they might not have got the new Root Certificate. Here is the simplified overview: Old LetsEncrypt chain: DST Root CA X3 : Expires 30-Sep-2021 R3 (Intermediate): Expires 29-Sep-2021 New LetsEncrypt chain: ISRG Root X1 : Expires 04-Jun 2035 R3 (Intermediate): Expires 15-Sep 2025 If Read more [...]

Microsoft Exchange: Increase Maximum Message Size to 100 MB

Sometimes, the default maximum message size (including attachments) in Exchange is not enough (30 MB is the standard). To increase this to 100 MB, do the following: First check the current maximum size on all relevant Exchange components: Get-TransportConfig | ft MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize Get-ReceiveConnector | ft Name, MaxmessageSize Get-SendConnector | ft Name, MaxMessageSize Get-Mailbox Administrator |ft Name, MaxsendSize, MaxReceiveSize Then set it to 100 MB for all components: Set-TransportConfig Read more [...]

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