Windows Server: Sample uses of SETSPN

SPN means "Service Principal Name". In Active Directory you can set an SPN with the command line tool SETSPN. Find below some usage examples which I use often: setspn -Q http/ ==> Check if the SPN "http/" exists setspn -L MyServer ==> Show all SPNs for MyServer setspn -X ==> Search for duplicate SPNs in the current domain setspn -S http/ MyServer ==> Set the SPN for a specific Server object in AD. This also checks for duplicate Read more [...]

ESXi 6.0: Upgrade vCenter from version 6.0 U2 to U3

If your vCenter has no Internet access, use the following procedure to upgrade it: Go to Download the VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance- Copy the .iso to the ESX datastore Connect the .iso file as CD ROM to the vCenter VM Login to the vCenter Appliance via Web Browser https://vcenter:5480/index.html#/update?locale=en Choose "Check updates" > "Check CD ROM" Then choose "Install updates" Once Read more [...]