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Blackberry: Changes in BES 12.5.0a

On July 26 2016 BlackBerry released "BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 Service Pack 5a" (BES 12.5.0a) without release notes. So there was no direct way of finding out what the "a" really changed. Digging through the KB articles I found this: So the short answer is: The "a" fixes one specific issue that would block you from upgrading from a previous BES version to 12.5. If you already have upgraded to BES 12.5.0 successfully, Read more [...]

Blackberry 10: Remove Anti-Theft Protection from Device

With OS version 10.3.2, Blackberry has introduced Anti-Theft Protection (the company was required to do so by law). It did this by integrating Anti-Theft functionality in its "Blackberry Protect" offering. While this might reduce the number of stolen devices, it is a horror for people that have forgotten their Blackberry ID password. Their Blackberry has turned into a useless brick and Blackberry support was in many cases less than useful. But there is now a method to remove Anti-Theft Protection. Read more [...]

Blackberry OS 10: How to mute the dial pad on the phone

When you dial a number on a Blackberry OS 10 device like the Classic or the Z30, you hear the typcal "dialling" sound, also called DTMF. Unfortunately, there is no switch to turn that off. The only way to do this is to switch your sound profile to "Silent" or "Vibrate", but that mutes any other notifications as well. Here are the instructions to turn the dial pad tone off but still hearing other notifications: Settings > Notifications Make sure, the active profile is "Normal" Under Read more [...]

Blackberry KB03112: BES 5.0: How to move the BlackBerry Configuration Database to a new Microsoft SQL Server instance

Last modified: 05-05-2015 Environment BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.1 to 5.0 SP4 BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Office 365 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 to 2012 Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) Overview Confirm that the Database version is compatible with the Microsoft SQL Server version before moving the BlackBerry Configuration Database to a new Microsoft SQL Server instance. Refer to compatibility matrix at: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatibility Read more [...]

Blackberry Q10/Z10: OS and Software Versions

When it comes to Blackberry device software (= OS = Operating System) there is some confusion regarding versions. There are 2 version numbers: Software Release Version (= Bundle Version) OS Version The Software Release Version is the one displayed when you are notified that new device software is available. Find below a table of the Q10/Z10 device software versions I could find: Software Release OS Version  . . . Read more [...]

BES 10.1: Order to start services

If you need to start the services on BES 10.1 manually, do it in the order below: BES10 - Scheduler BES10 - BlackBerry Controller BES10 - BlackBerry MDS Connection Service BES10 - BlackBerry Dispatcher BES10 - BlackBerry Secure Connect Service BES10 - Administration Console BES10 - BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container BES10 - BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server BES10 - BlackBerry Management Studio BES10 - BlackBerry Licensing Service   Read more [...]

Blackberry OS10 Modes: Standby, Bedside and Shutdown

The modes in the Blackberry Z10 device are different than for previous devices (OS 7.1, e.g. Bold 9900). There are five modes: On Screen: On Notifications: On Alarm: On Network: On How to invoke: Press the standby button or swipe from bottom to top Standby (or Screen Lock) Screen: Off Notifications: On Alarm: On Network: On How to invoke: Press the standby button Password Lock  (only if device password is set) Screen: Off Notifications: On Alarm: On Network: On How Read more [...]

RegEx for BES Proxy URL Setting

Have you ever wondered what the default pattern matching string for the proxy URL settings in BES means? .*://.*(:\d*)?(/.*)*(\?.*)? Well, this is Java RegEx (Regular Expression) language. Find below some examples that help understand the RegEx: .       matches exactly one character .*      matches any number of characters (including 0), short for .{0,} .+      matches one or more characters, short for .{1,} .?      matches zero or one character, short for .{0,1} .{7}    Read more [...]

Version and Bundle numbers for Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange

Find below the version and corresponding bundle number of the BES versions. The third number is the Service Pack (SP) number, e.g. 4.1.5 means version 4.1 with SP5. HF = Hotfix MR = Maintenance Release The bundle number is important when you need to find out which version you are running. It is listed in “Add/Remove Programs”. Version Bundle 4.0.2 11 4.0.2 HF1 13 4.0.2 HF2 15 4.0.2 HF3 16 4.0.3 9 4.0.3 HF1 11 4.0.3 HF2 14 4.0.3 Read more [...]