Windows: Run commands to start Control Panel items

Sometimes it is faster to access Control Panel items via command line than clicking and searching in the UI. To use a command, just press <Windows-Key>-R, which will open the Run window. Then just type the command and press <Enter>. For the .cpl files, the "control" command can even be left out, so that is even less to type. Control Panel Applet Command OS Accessibility Options control access.cpl XP Action Center control /name Microsoft.ActionCenter 8, 7 control Read more [...]

Blackberry Q10/Z10: OS and Software Versions

When it comes to Blackberry device software (= OS = Operating System) there is some confusion regarding versions. There are 2 version numbers: Software Release Version (= Bundle Version) OS Version The Software Release Version is the one displayed when you are notified that new device software is available. Find below a table of the Q10/Z10 device software versions I could find: Software Release OS Version  . . . Read more [...]