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Windows 10: iPad in recovery mode not recognized by iTunes

I had an iPad that was bricked and i brought it into Recovery Mode to Factory Reset it: Disconnect the USB cable from your iPad, but leave the other side connected to your Mac or PC Launch iTunes Press and hold down the Home and Sleep/Power button on the top of the iPad to turn off the iPad Press and continue to hold the Home button while you reconnect the USB cable to your iPhone, this will cause the iPad to turn on Continue to hold the Home button until an alert message in iTunes Read more [...]

Apple iOS8: How to download iOS updates manually

If you need to download the Apple iOS manually, do the following. Go to: Choose the hardware model (e.g. iPad4 (GSM) Then download the .ipsw file (this can be 2GB in size or more). Place this file in the following directory (that's for Windows 7): C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates When you connect your iOS device to your computer and start iTunes, you can directly load the update. Read more [...]

Apple iOS: How to factory reset a locked iPad or iPhone

If you forget your device passcode or PIN, there is no way to get into it again. You have to do a factory reset of the device. For that, you need iTunes and a USB cable to connect your device to your PC. Find below the steps to recover your handheld: Important: These steps will wipe (delete) all your data and settings from your device. Remove all cables from your device. Switch your device off by holding the Standby button and swiping to the right. Hold the home button and connect Read more [...]

Apple iOS: Shortcuts for App Close, Reboot and other stuff

I come from a Windows and physical keyboard world, so things that are simple in Windows seem very complicated or undoable in iOS. For example, shutting down an App (as simple as clicking the red X in the upper right corner of a window) didn’t seem possible in iOS. Find below some shortcuts that show how to do the “impossible”: Go to Standby: Press the Standby button shortly. Wake up from Standby: Press the Standby button shortly. Go to Home screen: Press the Home button shortly. Read more [...]