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Hidden menus and functions on the Blackberry Smartphone

Here's a list of Hidden Menus & Functions I've stumbled across. Some of them are handy for BES/Enterprise support only. Most require you to hold down the ALT key whilst typing the letters after the + sign (they don't need to be capitals). Enterprise Activation (Options->Advanced) ALT+CNFG - Settings for Enterprise Activation Address Book ALT+VALD - Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies ALT+RBLD - Force a data structure rebuild from the Options menu, Read more [...]

Why can’t I find all my e-mails on my Blackberry?

I get this question asked a lot by new Blackberry users. The simple answer is: The Blackberry smartphone is not a full-fledged mail client and you should not (ab)use it as one. By default, you have the mails of the last 30 days on it. But why the limitation? There are users that have very big mail boxes with ten thousands of mails, the maximum I have seen is a mailbox of 17 GB. It is clear that a device with 256 MB memory couldn’t store all the e-mails, even if they were compressed. So what do Read more [...]

Blackberry: Unable to read sent messages

If you send a message from Outlook, the sent e-mail gets replicated to your Blackberry Smartphone. You can identify sent items by the check mark left to message: When you open the message, you only see the headers, but not the body: This is by design to save bandwidth and memory. If you need to see the full message, press the Menu key and select More: This behavior is normal, even if you have “Auto More” enabled in the General E-Mail Options. “Auto More” is only applicable Read more [...]