Blackberry 10: Remove Anti-Theft Protection from Device

With OS version 10.3.2, Blackberry has introduced Anti-Theft Protection (the company was required to do so by law). It did this by integrating Anti-Theft functionality in its "Blackberry Protect" offering.

While this might reduce the number of stolen devices, it is a horror for people that have forgotten their Blackberry ID password. Their Blackberry has turned into a useless brick and Blackberry support was in many cases less than useful.

But there is now a method to remove Anti-Theft Protection. It basically consists of 2 steps: Install an older device OS (e.g. 10.3.1) which removes Anti-Theft and then update to the latest OS again. Here are the steps in detail (this is for a Z30 with the currently latest Software Release on):

  1. Switch your "bricked" phone on and go through the setup wizard until you get to the "The anti-theft protection feature is on. To continue with device set-up you must enter your BlackBerry ID" screen.
  2. Download the developer version of the 10.3.1 Autoloader of your device, e.g. for the Z30 it is
    downloadable from the Blackberry web site here:
  3. If you have a different device, download the correct Autoloader from here:
  4. Run the executable on a PC (must have BB Link installed for the correct drivers).
  5. Once it says "Connecting to Bootrom", connect your Blackberry device.
  6. It will restart and load the old OS. Wait until this is 100% complete. There might be an error on the computer, saying "Error: This OS version is blocked from device." Don't worry about this, it does not matter.
  7. Once the device is restarted, it will run you through the setup wizard. Sign in with your new Blackberry ID. Then, indicate that you want to install updates.
  8. Once the setup is completed, check if updates get installed via "Settings > Software Updates".
  9. It will install the updates, restart, and that's it! You have a "de-bricked" device.

If step 6 failed with a double-blinking red LED, first load OS version 10.3.2 with the autoloader. You can download it from here:!8shEkQQD!5LzrH8Vj-jZIHOVYAnTnEvr44hZVjq9XMt21fi1-jNQ. The file name is: AutoLoader_Z30-Classic-Leap_10.3.2.2876.exe

Once 10.3.2 is loaded go to step 1 and do the whole procedure. It should now work.

96 thoughts on “Blackberry 10: Remove Anti-Theft Protection from Device”

  1. Thanks i have BB Q20 Classic (SQC100-1) anti-theft protection enabled (didn't have the Autoloader for Q20 Classic (SQC100-1) phone so i used Z30 one) link mentioned above its Works on 22.03.2020
    thanks again

  2. It did not work for me. I have a CLASSIC. I did all the steps and step 6 did not work; so I did as you said, and downloaded and installed the secondary OS. The phone turned on and seemed to work but then the anti-theft sign in popped up. It did not let me create a new BB account. Why is that? Plz help

  3. What BB link do I need to reset BB CLASSIC?
    I looked online and it said that the Z30 will work will the CLASSIC. Is this true? If not, can you provide a link for the CLASSIC, I am having trouble finding one.
    Thank you,

  4. This Works, I can confirm on BlackBerry Classic Q20 on
    04-Sep-2019, just follow the original tutorial and links for Z30 it works for the Q20 also.

    Big respect for the ADMIN

  5. is not working for BlackBerry Leap STR100-1! Nothing happens! Anti theft still on the device!

  6. Tried all the autoloader in z10 SLT100-1, getting "This OS version is blocked from device" error. anybody please shre with the mega drive link for z10 SLT100-1 autoloader...please

  7. IT Work Perfectly for my Z10 SLT100-1
    After Updating to 10.3.2 Using Blackberry Link I Then Follow the Process Above and it work!! Thanks.

  8. Thanks, this worked great on a BlackBerry Classic Q20 (didn't have the Autoloader for this phone so used Z30 one). Had been given 3 of these by a former customer during a trade-in and hadn't bothered to check them for over 6 months because we got them cheap (that is my fault) and didn't realise one had BlackBerry Protect enabled.

    One thing, on using one of these today in 2018, I am still surprised how smooth the OS is and how great the keyboard is. I wish the KEYOne hadn't been such a let-down. I'd buy another phone with a good QWERTY and modern hardware in a heartbeat.

  9. I have to say, I'm really grateful, this procedure is really a masterpiece, I never though I will use my blackberry again. I did delete my blackberry account without turning the blackberry protect off and I was locked out forever. I tried to contact the blackberry support and they never gave me anything of value. this morning when i saw this post i gathered my effort and say. let me try, i'm surprised to see how things worked. thank you admin. my BB10 Z30 is like new again. thank you!

  10. Hello Thanks for the post.. I am really unhappy with my Blackberry Q5 device...coz the 6th Step is not working I have a red light blinking twice. Please help !!!

      1. I tried this file but its of no use

  11. hey anyone I need a help with my bb has been hard reset and it's in soft brick stage
    I need a link for stable autoloader
    I tried blackberry forums but still my phone doesn't work.
    even after trying different Is versions

  12. pls I need help, I mistakenly downloaded autoloader 10.1, when it loaded to 43, it stopped. now it's just blinking d red light first 3times than 2times and other continues. pls what do I do?

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