Blackberry 10: Remove Anti-Theft Protection from Device

With OS version 10.3.2, Blackberry has introduced Anti-Theft Protection (the company was required to do so by law). It did this by integrating Anti-Theft functionality in its "Blackberry Protect" offering.

While this might reduce the number of stolen devices, it is a horror for people that have forgotten their Blackberry ID password. Their Blackberry has turned into a useless brick and Blackberry support was in many cases less than useful.

But there is now a method to remove Anti-Theft Protection. It basically consists of 2 steps: Install an older device OS (e.g. 10.3.1) which removes Anti-Theft and then update to the latest OS again. Here are the steps in detail (this is for a Z30 with the currently latest Software Release on):

  1. Switch your "bricked" phone on and go through the setup wizard until you get to the "The anti-theft protection feature is on. To continue with device set-up you must enter your BlackBerry ID" screen.
  2. Download the developer version of the 10.3.1 Autoloader of your device, e.g. for the Z30 it is
    downloadable from the Blackberry web site here:
  3. If you have a different device, download the correct Autoloader from here:
  4. Run the executable on a PC (must have BB Link installed for the correct drivers).
  5. Once it says "Connecting to Bootrom", connect your Blackberry device.
  6. It will restart and load the old OS. Wait until this is 100% complete. There might be an error on the computer, saying "Error: This OS version is blocked from device." Don't worry about this, it does not matter.
  7. Once the device is restarted, it will run you through the setup wizard. Sign in with your new Blackberry ID. Then, indicate that you want to install updates.
  8. Once the setup is completed, check if updates get installed via "Settings > Software Updates".
  9. It will install the updates, restart, and that's it! You have a "de-bricked" device.

If step 6 failed with a double-blinking red LED, first load OS version 10.3.2 with the autoloader. You can download it from here:!8shEkQQD!5LzrH8Vj-jZIHOVYAnTnEvr44hZVjq9XMt21fi1-jNQ. The file name is: AutoLoader_Z30-Classic-Leap_10.3.2.2876.exe

Once 10.3.2 is loaded go to step 1 and do the whole procedure. It should now work.

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  1. For sqw100'4
    What shud I download
    Shud downgrading my os wud lead a problem
    I do not have the password for BlackBerry id
    I got it from olx

  2. Pls I bought a blacberry q10 from someone on olx and I wipe it,now it requesting for BlackBerry id that was used to purchase the device and I don't av dat,,what will I do pls

  3. I've followed all the steps and it seems okay so far (green light). But when my phone starts up it shows the "Blackberry" word logo, but it won't actually load up the OS and get me to the setup wizard. It's stuck at the logo screen.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. Hello Alyssa, I am trying to remove the anti theft from my Z30 and I have the same problem as yours. Was wondering if you could share what did you do post
      I've followed all the steps and it seems okay so far (green light). But when my phone starts up it shows the "Blackberry" word logo, but it won't actually load up the OS and get me to the setup wizard. It's stuck at the logo screen.

      Any ideas? Thanks.

  4. Same issue with my z10 when i downgrade it to 10.3.1 it shows double red blink light nothing else ....please if you know the solution help me to fix it

      1. Hey there, thanks, this has been the most helpful solution so far to my q10 being locked out - however, I got the double-blinking red light on my phone when all was done. I'd like to install 10.3.2, but the link you provide seems to be for the z30? Can you confirm whether I can just use this autoloader for my q10, or provide me with a link to the 10.3.2 OS for a q10? A very big thank-you in advance if you can do this for me.

      2. Good day
        I followed the process with the Passport but when it displays the error message as per step 6, the device changes from the green light to show a BlackBerry logo and it is stuck there for a hours. I have been also trying to look for the version 10.3.2 but it is not available on the list of downloads.

        Thank You

  5. I can't downgrade my Q10 (OS 10.3.3), because everytime I'm done downgrading to OS 10.3.1, the phone just unable to operate but a blinking LED. Some sources say that you cannot downgrade the OS once you move to OS 10.3.3. In the other hand, Blackberry customer service told me to reach out my purchase point. argh, so frustating.

  6. Hey So I am trying to do these steps, but keep getting double ed led blinking. I have tried downloading the suggested software and then trying again but its the same thing. When I try to download the suggested 10.3.2 it fails and shutsdown before i can read the error message. Any help? Thanks

    1. If you got the double blinking of the LED, you must load 10.3.2 first. If you can't see the error message it is very difficult to help.

      You can also use Blackberry Link to go to the latest version. Once you are on the latest version, you can try the downgrade steps again.

        1. Hi Idriz have you gotten solution to your bb classic?
          pls put me through if you have done it successfully tnx..

    2. You have to run the auto-loader of your device model in COMMEND CMD (DOS) to be able to see the error message. I'm trying the solution with little hope..

  7. Worked like a charm finally but had to do it twice. The first time was successful up to a point. I was able to use the BBID/PW that I had for my other Q10, but when I logged on to BB Link and updated the software it took me right back to Square 1 with my BBID/PW not working. So on to another kick at the can, re-installing the OS with the autoloader.. But this time I opted for using the Software Updates in the Settings section of the Q10 itself and staying away from BB Link. It updated the system to the most recent version of the OS and accepted my BBID/PW without a hitch.

    I am in your debt!

      1. Hi ,
        I am having a blackberry passport SQW 100-1 version 10.3.2. My problem is I disabled the protect feature and then deleted my bb id from my bb account but when i try to do a security wipe up it is asking my bb password which I deleted.I can see the theft feature is disable but still asking foe the password .however, when I remove my SIM card it gets disabled but when i insert the SIM card it gets activated it gets blue ,I got confused and recreated the same bb id and manage to reset my password but it's not taking the password and i logged into the protect site it' show no device is associated. I want to remove the anti theft feature so I can create a new bb id.
        Plz help me .

      2. My device doesn't even get detected so I can't even enable USB debugging or anything since it's on setup mode I have downloaded blackberry desktop and the autoloader but not getting detected I even tried on win 7 but not detected so is it my phone or some other prob pls help.

  8. any body with BlackBerry Classic anti theft removal.
    Have try several files, but it will boot and stop on BlackBerry Classic logo.....pls I need reply

  9. Please admin I need anti theft removal for blackberry classic, I have used several OS to load but it won't even on past black berry classic on the screen....tnks

          1. I have not tried this yet, but the steps would be the same. Downgrade to 10.3.1, set the new BB ID and upgrade again.

      1. Hello,

        I did all the steps and now my z30 is stuck on the blackberry logo. It wont do anything else. Please help.

  10. would you please give me the link to download an older version for a Z10?
    I bought an used Z10, it turned out that this one came from an IT dept, as one employee returned it. Thus the guy sold the device to me did not know the ID & PSW of the ID Protection. Now it is a brick. If can do per your instructions above, then I can savage my cost.

  11. HELLO!
    My phone BlackBerry Z10 is blocked ,when i did reset and now ,when i turn on phone ,don't open programm ,,,writes login required ,then i write the new blackberry ID ,say the anti-theft protection feature is on.To continue with device set-up you must enter your blackberry id ...can you help me ,please

  12. Why it does not work for me? I tried so many autoloaders and none of them worked. My Q10 just blinks red and nothing happens. What is the problem?


    1. Well, it works for me for a Z30. I have not tested for a Q10.

      When you get a red blinking device, load the latest OS via Autloader first: Then, immediately load the old version via Autoloader.

      1. Hello admin, i read through your post and have a similar issue, my sister gave me her old phone (blackberry Leap) she is got it for a while though, of recent the fone went bad according to her and she got a new one. she ended up giving it to me after acquiring a new one. i discovered it was d OS that has issue and i decided to reload it. but it asked me for her password. she said she has no password that it was configured by someone some years back and she has being using it with out issues. please how do i go about it. hope to hear from you.

    2. You have OS 10.3.3 installed on your Q10, and you have to install the same OS version once you move to OS 10.3.3. I'm having the same issue.

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