Most important TCP / UDP ports

I am only listing the well-known TCP/IP Ports I have ever used personally. There are of course more ports.

ftp-data         20    File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp              21    File Transfer [Control]

ssh            22   Secure Shell

telnet           23    Telnet

smtp             25    Simple Mail Transfer

domain           53    Domain Name Server (DNS)

bootps           67   Bootstrap Protocol Server (DHCP Server)
bootpc           68   Bootstrap Protocol Client

http             80    World Wide Web HTTP

pop3            110    Post Office Protocol - Version 3

nntp            119    Network News Transfer Protocol

ntp             123    Network Time Protocol

netbios-ns      137    NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm     138    NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn     139    NETBIOS Session Service

imap4           143    Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4

snmp            161   Simple Network Management

irc             194    Internet Relay Chat Protocol

https           443    http protocol over TLS/SSL

microsoft-ds    445    Microsoft-DS

smtps   465    Secure SMTP

smtp submission  587  Simple Mail Transfer Submission

imaps        993    imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL

ircs        994    irc protocol over TLS/SSL

pop3s           995    pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)

astaro          1026   Astaro User Portal

kazaa           1214   KAZAA

ms-sql-s        1433   Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-m        1434   Microsoft-SQL-Monitor

hp-sim           2381   HP System Management

bes       3101   Blackberry Enterprise Server

ms-wbt-server    3389   MS WBT Server (RDP Terminal Server)

kerio          4040   Kerio Connect Web Admin

astaro          4444   Astaro Web Admin

icq             5190

3 thoughts on “Most important TCP / UDP ports”

  1. Well known ports you posted are ok. But not the best list. From my professional point of view I am level 3 tech. All the ports you should need for everyday things like gaming and web surfing is? FTP,SSH,TELNET,SMTP,DNS,TFTP,GOPHER,FINGER,HTTP,KERB,POP3,NNTP,NETBIOS,SNMP,BGP,IRC,LDAP,HTTPS,NETMEETING,PPTP,NAT,QUAKE. Now tease are just the names and if your looking for the numbers of the ports I listed up above you can go online wiki and find all the ports list.

    1. My list is a personal list of the ports I use the most. I don't use GOPHER and QUAKE so I have deliberately not put them in the list.

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