Blackberry BES 4.1.6 Services and Logs

The Blackberry Enterprise Server consists of more than 10 services and it can be quite confusing to know which service does what. Also, the corresponding log files don’t have abreviations that can be confusing as well. In the following table, I have summarized the services and corresponding log file names:




Log name

Blackberry Alert

Sends alerts when events at the specified level occur on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the event log/e-mail server etc.


Blackberry Attachment (can exist on a stand-alone server)

Converts attachments into a format that can be viewed on the handheld.


Blackberry Collaboration (can exist on a stand-alone server)

Allows access to Instant Messaging servers via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.


Blackberry Controller

Monitors key BlackBerry Enterprise Server components and restarts them if they stop responding.


Blackberry Dispatcher

Performs data encryption and compression services for all data that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends or receives. Also starts and stops the messaging agents.


Blackberry MDS Connection (can exist on a stand-alone server)

Provides secure access to online content and applications on the corporate intranet or Internet through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.


Blackberry MDS Integration (can exist on a stand-alone server)


Blackberry Policy

Supports wireless IT Policy, service books, and third-party application delivery for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also does encryption key generation, remote device locks and wipes.


Blackberry Router (can exist on a stand-alone server)

Manages the connection to the wireless network for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also routes data to handhelds that are connected through the BlackBerry Handheld Manager.


Blackberry Synchronization

Synchronizes PIM application data wirelessly between the handheld and the mail server. (Contacts, Tasks and Notes, but not Calendar and E-mail). Also performs the OTA backup.


Blackberry Messaging Agent (no Windows service, but a process started by the Dispatcher)

Connects to the Exchange Server and User Mailboxes. Provides E-mail, calendar and lookup services.


Blackberry Backup Connector (no Windows service)

Gets its data from the Synchronization Service. It records events from the Automatic Wireless Backup.


Blackberry Management Connector (no Windows service)

Gets its data from the Synchronization Service.


Exchange PIM Connector (no Windows service)



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