Windows Server 2022: The October 2023 Update installs and adds the Azure ARC Setup to auto start

With security update KB5031364 from October 10, 2023 for Windows Server 2022, Microsoft also installs the Azure ARC Setup and adds it to auto start. This means that on the server, you will now see the Azure ARC Setup in the system tray.

Most server administrators do not like this silent adding of unneeded features. To get rid of this, you can use the following Powershell (as admin) command:

Remove-WindowsFeature AzureArcSetup

This needs a restart of the server.

What is Azure ARC?

This is a feature in Azure to manage multi-cloud and on-prem servers. So setting up Azure ARC on your Windows 2022 Server would connect it to the Azure cloud and you would manage it from the cloud.

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