Windows 10: Top Part of Maximized Window is not Visible

I have rarely the issue that all of a sudden, on some programs (for example Edge and Firefox) I can't see the top part of the Window anymore.

Preconditions for this to happen:

  • Multi screen (does never happen on single screen setups)
  • Happens only on the primary screen
  • Only when application is maximised
  • Only some applications are affected, not all (Microsoft Office apps are never affected): File Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Notepad and many others

What does not help:

  • Minimizing and then maximizing the window again
  • Closing the application and then starting it again

What helps:

  • Press Shift-Ctrl-Win-B. This clears the screen buffer and solves the problem. But it might come back after some time. So this is not a permanent fix.
  • Restart the computer (also not a permanent fix)
  • Disable Protected Mode in Office (permanent fix, but makes Office less secure).

How to reproduce:

  • Open a Word file in Protected Mode (e.g. a Word attachment in an Email will automatically be opened in Protected Mode)
  • Then open an affected application (e.g. Edge) in a maximized window
  • It will show with the top part not visible

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