Azure: What are Resource Groups

I am just diving into the world of the Cloud and I am getting to know Azure. I will write a couple of Blog posts on some basics of Azure. I will start with "Resource Groups" in Azure.

Resource Groups (RGs) are not really groups, they are containers. You can compare them to OUs (Organisational Units) in Active Directory, for example. The contain Azure Resources (e.g. Storage, VMs, VLANs etc.). As RGs are containers, this means the following:

  • A Resource must be member of a Resource Group, it cannot be without RG
  • A Resource cannot be member of more than one RG
  • A Resource can be moved from one RG to another, but restrictions apply, depending on the type of Resource
  • You can assign tags to RGs, but the tags will not be inherited by the Resources in the RG.
  • You can assign Policies to RGs, and the Policies will be inherited by the Resrouces in the RG.
  • RGs can be locked to prevent accidential deletion
  • You can have only one RG for all your Azure Resources or you can use multiple RGs to group the Resources (for example by lifecycle)


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