Veeam 8.0: How to remove a restore point manually

Veeam is a good tool to backup and restore virtual machines. After you remove a server from backup (because you have decommissioned it, for example) you might get the following warning:

01.06.2016 11:04:33 :: Server01 is no longer processed by this job. Make sure this change is intentional.

This is happening because Veeam still has one or more restore points of this server. If you are sure you never want to restore this server again, you can delete the restore point manually:

Backup & Replication > Backups > Disk

Go to the job name that gives you the warning, locate the decommissioned server and right-click it. Choose

Remove from disk

You might get the following error:

Unable to perform the operation while primary backup job, or SQL transaction log backup jobs is running.

Make sure to stop and disable all jobs. I my case it was a "Backup Copy to WAN" job. Although it was idle, I had to disable it. Once disabled, I could remove the restore point.

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