Blackberry OS 10: How to mute the dial pad on the phone

When you dial a number on a Blackberry OS 10 device like the Classic or the Z30, you hear the typcal "dialling" sound, also called DTMF. Unfortunately, there is no switch to turn that off.

The only way to do this is to switch your sound profile to "Silent" or "Vibrate", but that mutes any other notifications as well.

Here are the instructions to turn the dial pad tone off but still hearing other notifications:

Settings > Notifications

Make sure, the active profile is "Normal"

Under the Profiles heading, tap on "Normal"

On the "Normal" profile, toggle "Sound" off

Tap on "Customize App Notifications"

Tap on "Phone" and toggle "Sound" on

With that, you will hear the ring tone, but you will not hear the dial pad.

If you have other apps that should do sound notifications, e.g. Calendar, you have to go to "Customize App Notifications" > "Calendar" and set the Sound to on as well.

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  1. I've tried all the above on my blackberry passport. It doesn't work. The dialing pad still produces the cringe-inducing sound whenever I'm dialling a number. Help. Thanks.

    1. I don't have a Blackberry Passport available for testing, but I am sure that a Blackberry Classic behaves the same as a Passport when it comes to notifications and sounds.

      Make sure that you are currently in the "Normal" notification profile and that the sound is switched off for this profile. This works for me and for many others.

  2. Thanks for this. It was making me crazy that I couldn't figure out how to turn off the keyboard sounds. It's kind of ridiculous that the way to do it is somewhat convoluted. It should be as simple as "keypad sounds on/off".

  3. Much better than the other answer of "No"; those responses should be deleted since they are incorrect. I almost didn't find this answer.

  4. I have the solution:
    - Settings
    - Notifications
    - Press +Add
    - Create a New Profile and name it as you want
    - Pull the Sound volume to the left to mute it
    - Then press Customise App Notifications
    - Choose Phone and raise the volume up
    - Do the same for all other apps that you wish to receive Notifications from

    Enjoy it ;)

  5. Hi. Just leaving this here as I've already tested the method. Toggling on "Sound" only in "Customize App Notifications" will not allow you to receive ring tones and notification sounds. You will need to toggle on "Override Profile Volume" and set a volume for your notifications and ring tone to be heard. Doing so will still remove the dial pad sounds and able to hear the ring tone. Hope this helps. :)

    1. Andy, I think it depends how the volume is set on the Normal profile. I have set the volume to full (volume slider to the right), but just toggled the sound to off. It then works even without "Override Profile Volume".

      Of course, if the volume slider is set to "no volume" (volume slider to the left), you must override the profile volume in order to hear the ring tone.

      Thanks for clarifying this.

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