HP ILO: Configure it via ESX

When you can't access HP ILO via Web Console anymore (e.g. because you have configured the IP address wrongly or enabled DHCP by accident), there is a possibility to configure the ILO IP settings via ESX.

Login to the ESX vSphere Client

Make sure that SSH is running on ESX (ESX host > Configuration > Security Profile > Services > Properties, Start SSH if it is not started)

Download Putty on the Windows machine where the vSphere Client runs. Start Putty.exe and use the IP address of the ESX host to login.

After you have entered the user name (root), it takes a while for the password prompt to be shown. Wait and then enter the password.

cd /opt/hp/tools

Export the current config: ./hponcfg -w /tmp/ilo_config.txt

Now, copy this file to the Windows machine (for example with WinSCP).

Open it with WordPad and change the following lines:


Copy it back to the ESX host (overwrite existing file)

./hponcfg -f /tmp/ilo_config.txt

Let the ILO restart.

You should now be able to login to ILO via the Web Console.


One thought on “HP ILO: Configure it via ESX”

  1. This was a nice article. Apparently it didnt worked as expected . I would like to add below points:

    1. Let the ILO restart.- not really mentioned in the blog how to do that , it will not be done automatically. So you can use this command to use the modified file ./hponcfg -f /tmp/ilo-conf.txt which will set new settings for the ILO.
    2. Edit the file on ESX itself. I edited it in windows and it stopped recognizing on ESX. So use VI editor on ESX

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