BES 4.1.7: How to move the external Blackberry Router

With the Blackberry Enterprise Server you can have the Router component on a separate server in the DMZ. Recently, I had to move this service from one server in the DMZ to another. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install the router component to the new server (this will install the Blackberry Controller and the Blackberry Router service).
  2. Make sure that port 3101 is open from your BES to the new router and from the router to the RIM infrastructure on the Internet.
  3. On the main BES, start the “BlackBerry Server Configuration” applet.
  4. On the “Blackberry Server” tab, enter the FQDN of the new “Router Host”.
  5. Restart all the Blackberry Services on the main Blackberry server.
  6. Check that you have got a valid SRP connection.
  7. You can now uninstall the Blackberry Router on the old server.

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